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50 Years of Success 1958-2008

The foundation for the present operations of Wolverine Tube started in late 1916 in Detroit, Michigan, when a small tube re-drawing Mill was organized to supply heater tubes to the automotive industry.  Three years later, it was sold and by 1928, the Company had five and one-half acres under one roof.  By 1942, Wolverine had expanded its facilities to include casting and extrusion in copper and brass.  It was purchased by Calumet & Hecla Consolidated Copper Company the same year.

In 1945, negotiations were begun to construct, in Alabama, the most modern Copper Mill that technology of that day could provide.  Operations began in Decatur, Alabama in 1948.  At the time of its construction, The Decatur Plant was the largest Copper Tube Mill in the world.

To accommodate a growing Canadian market, Wolverine began construction of our London Plant in October 1956.  The Bill of Lading covering our first shipment of copper water tube was signed by the Honourable Donald Fleming, then Minister of Finance, on April 21, 1958.  We annually celebrate this date as our Plant birthday.  In 1966, we added a bay to the north which has become known as the Coil Mill.

The Plant is a completely integrated facility in that we start with refined copper and convert it into copper base alloy tube in a wide range of types and sizes. The products are used in the refrigeration and air conditioning applications, plumbing, medical and for a wide number of general industrial uses.


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