Polyethylene Coated Line Sets

Great Lakes Copper introduces EZ-Roll Plus, a white polyethylene coated elastomeric foam insulated copper tube designed for air conditioning and cooling applications.

The most significant advantage of EZ-Roll PLUS™ is its tough exterior, provided by the PE coating, which enables it to be installed in, through or around rough surfaces and contours without the risk of tearing the insulation. This advantage helps to eliminate on-site insulation repairs, taping or replacement, saving you time and money.

PE coated insulation provides the durability and tear-resistant properties required for installations where insulated copper lines face high risk of external damage due to rough contours, installation tools or practices and surface conditions.

Installation through rough concrete access points, through wooden joists or areas where the contacting surfaces may cause damage are handled with ease and without tearing the insulation.

As acceptance of this product has continued to grow, so has the availability. EZ-Roll Plus is available as a direct standard line set replacement, with a bare copper liquid line and PE insulated suction line, packaged as a kit. Mini Splits are also available in PE format, with both lines insulated using PE insulation. Demand for single lines has also been popular, with a size range of 50’ up to 164’ feet. Each configuration is available in a variety of diameters and lengths to accommodate almost all air conditioning or cooling applications where copper is required.

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