Welcome to Great Lakes Copper Ltd.

Manufacturing copper tube for the plumbing, refrigeration
and industrial markets since 1958

Since 1958, Great Lakes Copper Ltd has cultivated a reputation of delivering quality goods that our customers not only depend on us to provide each time, but place their trust in us that we will deliver.

The inception of the current operations of Great Lakes Copper Ltd was formed as the Canadian plumbing tube mill for Wolverine Tube in 1958. Our facility is completely integrated for the production of copper tube in a wide range of diameters and lengths with casting, extruding and drawing operations quality crafted and inspected throughout each process. Great Lakes Copper Ltd serves the plumbing, refrigeration, OEM, medical, air conditioning and specialty markets with a wide range of products suitable for applications where copper is required.


Growing To Meet the Needs of an Evolving Marketplace

Providing plumbing and refrigeration products have been the staple for copper applications for decades. As requirements change and innovations continue, we have expanded our product offering to include plastic coated copper, line sets, mini splits and PE line sets and PE mini splits.

Quality Inspected, Customer Trusted

Having built a reputation on delivering a quality product for decades, the Great Lakes Copper Ltd brand has been a sustainable and trust-worthy source for our customers. Our facility complements our reputation by utilizing the most current technology to ensure each length or coil that leaves our facility has been quality inspected and approved so each installation is done with confidence and with a quality product.

Plumbing & Refrigeration

Plumbing tube is available in Type K, L, M and DWV for residential and commercial applications, in a wide range of diameters, straight lengths or coils. Manufactured to meet their applicable ASTM requirements and readily in-stock.
Refrigeration products are specially cleaned and plugged for installations in sensitive environments or for applications requiring installation materials meet a specific cleanliness to avoid contamination. Available in straight length format or coils.

Industrial / OEM

Engineered to meet the specific specifications required, our industrial products are made-to-order and fabricated using the design specifications provided. Great Lakes Copper Ltd offers a wide range of configurable options including wall thickness, outside diameter, temper, length as well as packaging options to suit the end-users processing.

Specialty / Kamco Division

Kamco Products, a manufacturer of plastic coated copper, was acquired in the fall of 2008 which provides products to the plumbing and heating industries. Since then, the division has expanded to include products for the air conditioning markets with the introduction of Line Sets and ductless mini splits

ACR / Med Tube
Factory Coated
Line Sets