Line Sets

Insulated line sets are the mainstay of residential or commercial applications for business or home cooling. EZ-Roll line sets are insulated with black elastomeric insulation and are used to connect an air conditioners condensing unit to a heaters evaporator coil.

Although home air-conditioning is the most common use of line sets; solar, geothermal and even some heat pump systems utilize elastomeric insulated line sets.

Line sets are available in a wide range of lengths, diameters and insulation thicknesses and sold in a kit of a suction line and a liquid line. Depending upon the application, lengths of 15’ to 100’ are available in most configurations and range from 1/4″ to 1-1/8″ diameters.

EZ-Roll line sets are pre-sleeved from the factory and kitted to save time on installation.  Factory-assembled line sets eliminates the need for repairing torn insulation and allows the product to be installed right out of the box.

Insulation thickness is another option to consider when preparing a line set application. Insulation is available in 3/8” to 1”.

Line sets are available with plain ends, or can be specified with each end having a 90 degree bend; another factory available option that reduces labor and time on the job site.

Elastomeric insulation properties include:

▪ Elastomeric insulation conform to the requirements of ASTM C534 – specification for flexible elastomeric cellular thermal insulation

▪ Must have a water vapor transmission rate of 0.10 perm-inch when tested to ASTM E96 – Standard test method for water vapor transmission of materials

▪ Must have a flame spread of 25 or less and smoke rating of 50 or less when tested to ASTM E84 –Standard test method for surface burning characteristics of building materials.

▪ Must be UV rated

▪ Insulation must have “25/50 rated, UV retardant” printed along the length of the tube


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