Company Profile

Great Lakes Copper LTD (previously established as Wolverine Tube (Canada) Inc) was founded in 1958 as the Canadian plumbing tube mill for Wolverine Tube. The mill was built to service the Canadian market on plumbing and refrigeration tube and operated with a sister mill in Montreal.

Great Lakes Copper (herein abbreviated as GLC) is a fully-integrated copper tube mill with casting, extrusion and drawing completed under one roof. In our facility, raw material is converted into molten copper, where it is casted into copper billets and extruded and drawn into finished copper tubes. Depending on the product being manufactured, the material may go for further processing in our environmentally-friendly aqueous degreasing tank for additional cleaning, to our Kamco line to be coated with corrosion-resistant LLDPE plastic, or to our line set operation to be sleeved with elastomeric insulation.

GLC provides a complete line of copper tube for plumbing, waterworks, refrigeration and medical tube applications. Products are available in coil or straight-length configuration, varying lengths and outside diameters.

The OEM / Industrial segment focuses on products made-to-order for aftermarket manufacturers. These products are built to the customers’ specification and are configurable to a specific temper, wall thickness and length.

In 2008, the Canadian division was purchase by an independent investment firm and shortly thereafter was rebranded as Great Lakes Copper Inc. It was during this time, the acquisition of Kamco Products was completed and the integration of plastic coated copper products was added to the companies offering.

In 2010, to expand the offering to the HVAC markets, EZ-Roll line sets and ductless mini splits were introduced to complement our refrigeration coils and ACR products for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Great Lakes Copper was purchased by Mueller Industries in the summer of 2015 and continues to operate as a separate entity in Canada.

Great Lakes Copper continues to pursue the opportunities that exist within the plumbing and refrigeration markets in an ongoing effort to provide our customers with the most current and cutting-edge products available.

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