Plastic Coated Copper

Great Lakes Copper LTD is the leading manufacturer of plastic coated copper tubing for the LP/Natural gas, fuel oil, industrial and potable water markets in North America.

Plastic coated copper combines the durability and dependability of copper tube with the corrosion protection properties of a linear low-density polyethylene suitable for above ground and direct burial applications. Available in yellow for LP/Natural gas applications, orange for fuel oil and red and blue for potable water, in a variety of lengths and diameters, plastic coated copper is the sure way to protect an installation utilizing copper tube from elements that would otherwise be detrimental to bare copper tubing.

Prior to the introduction of coated copper, bare copper service lines were either sleeved in a plastic conduit or tape-wrapped on site. This process was time-consuming, laborious and tedious depending on the nature of the application or when long lengths required protection. Factory coated copper is ready to install right out of the box and provides corrosion protection in acidic soils such as reclaimed farmland, under slab or through concrete or in applications where direct burial is necessary or preferred.

Coated copper is color-coded to aid in content identification to quickly identify the type of service in buried lines or in-wall services. The coating is printed with the ASTM specification, size and date of manufacture to identify the material to any inspector or utility provider. Descending footage is also marked on each coating to provide a counter so you know exactly how much of the roll is left, or how much you have rolled out.

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