Press Fittings

One of the distinct advantages of going with a press fitting is joining copper tube has never been easier. In these types of connections, flux and solder have been replaced with a fitting and a rechargeable crimp tool that seals the fitting onto the end of the copper tubing. Streamline PRS fittings are compatible with most common pressing tools and jaws avoiding the requirement of a proprietary tool.

Streamline PRS fittings feature a distinct EPDM ‘O’ ring and features a leak detection feature on the seal. The proprietary seal features spiral lines that show an un-crimped connection if the fitting is not properly seated to the copper tube.

Larger diameter PRS fittings feature a stainless steel grip ring that ‘bites’ into the copper when pressed to provide enhanced security and guarantee stability once pressed.

Conforming to ASME B16.22, B16.51, B 16.18 and IAPMO PS-117, PRS fittings meet the latest iterations of governing codes and ensure your applications will pass your inspection.

PRS fittings are available in a wide range of types, from couplings, elbows, tees and adapters to name a few and available from ½” to 4” sizes and suitable for all Type K, L and M tubing, PRS fittings will meet the demand of any plumbing job where using flameless connections is preferred or required.

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