Wrot Copper Fittings

Wrot and cast solder-joint pressure fittings, solder-joint DWV fittings and copper flare fittings

Streamline wrot copper fittings are the latest addition to the Great Lakes Copper LTD line of products. Connecting copper to copper, or copper to another tubular product, wrot copper fittings are available as T’s, elbows, adapters, couplings and many other varieties. With an extensive collection of various sizes and applications and offered alongside the extensive catalogue of plumbing, refrigeration, line set or plastic coated products, convenience and variety are at your fingertips.

Backed by over 80 years of manufacturing, being the originator of the solder-type copper fitting and employing the most extensive catalog of copper fittings in North America are but just some of the reasons to consider making your next choice when purchasing copper fittings a Streamline brand product.

Streamline copper fittings for plumbing applications are NSF 61-G approved for potable water service lines, are manufactured with high grade copper or bronze material and provide consistency and reliability that comes with 80 years of experience.

When we talk copper fittings, we also ensure our products are manufactured to the most current revision of the governing standards. In this case, ASME is the authority which is why Streamline copper fittings is compliant with B16.15, B16.18, B16.22, B16.24, B 16.50 & B1.20.1

Wrot copper fittings are also used for HVAC applications and are UL recognized to 700 PSI in select diameters.

Good Installation practices and workmanship are the foundations to getting the job done right. As with any building material, properly preparing your materials for their intended application will save time and money and avoid costly do-overs.

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