Refrigeration Valves

An extensive line of ball and check valves, compressor valves, packed line valves, angle isolation valves and relief valves are some of the major product groups, with a wide range of options, kits and replacement parts are why sourcing your refrigeration valves with a Streamline product is a safe bet.

Cyclemaster Ball Valves can be equipped with actuators for sophisticated systems requiring fine-tuned auto turn-on or shut-off features. Featuring up to 700 PSIG maximum working pressures, rupture-proof stem and UL/ULC listed and CE certified, Cyclemaster Ball Valves can handle your refrigeration applications.

Check Valves are available in a wide range of sizes.

Forged brass compressor valves feature valve openings designed for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop, specialized asbestos-free valve packing material providing component accessibility without refrigerant loss.
Packed Line Valves are manufactured using forged brass and integral mounting brackets suitable for refrigerants and other industrial fluids that are non-corrosive to brass or steel.

Packless Diaphragm Valves feature a burst pressure of 2500 PSIG with Lifecycle testing showing Streamlines packless diaphragm valves perform up to 5 times greater than current industry standards.
Angle Isolation Valves are designed for maximum flow and feature a ‘quick change’ packing gland which allows easy replacement of the packing without loss of refrigerant.

Relief Valves are the fail-safe of any refrigerant system. Designed to provide high volume discharge and available in a wide range of PSI options (including special order items with the PSI required for your system), these valves take the brunt of a system failure and protect the downstream components and prevent further damage.

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